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No more pain, when I stand up

Veronique from Dadizele

A good sitting position is not a superfluous luxury. A large part of our lives is spent sitting. Therefore a wrong position can be pernicious even though the consequences are not always immediately noticeable.

The ergonomic design of The Right Chair relieves existing back pain, and prevents subsequent back aches. Thus in addition to individuals also several hospitals and retirement homes use The Right Chair.

The concept is based on years of experience and in-depth studies by Christiane Deryckere. She is a manual therapist and attaches  the greatest importance to a good support. The adjustable back and the arch-shaped armrests of The Right Chair provide beneficial lumbar and back support.(more information?), In addition the chair is very comfortable.

However these are our words: Why not come over and take the comfort test to convince yourself?


Voorkomt en verlicht rugklachten

My lower back pain has almost completely disappeared when rising from the sofa.

Michael from Kuurne

beautiful Design

The Right Chair rood

For this chair the best Italian leather was chosen, solid, easy in maintenance and colour-proof.


The subtle lines of The Right Chair bring elegant looks, a combination of comfort and aesthetics.

The timeless The Right Chair was designed by a topdesigner: it’s a perfect match for any interior.


Hand Made

Each body is unique. Therefore a good ergonomic seat is adjustable to your body. TRC fulfills that need completely: the adjustable leg-lenght and the lumbar support guarantee an ideal sitting and lying position with beneficial effects.

In addition The Right Chair is created in our own studio. We can thus control the quality during the entire production process.

At the moment 5 types are available:

  • Recliner chair
  • Recliner sofa (2 seats)
  • Fixed-back sofa: 1 seat
  • Fixed-back sofa: 2 seats
  • Fixed-back sofa: 3 seats

Each one provides the stability and comfort of TRC and is manufactured according to the highest quality standards.

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